Mayweather Vs Mcgregor: The Fight of the Century

I will be honest in stating that I failed to watch the actual fight between Mayweather and Mcgregor because I was fast asleep. I did, however, conduct some research regarding the outcome of the match the next day; the following information is derived from

World recognized boxer Floyd Mayweather engaged in the match with McGregor despite his retirement from the sport and defeated McGregor in the tenth round, allowing him to secure a 50 wins and zero losses record regarding his career. His record is the most successful in the history of boxing.

Some critics argued that the match was unjust considering Mayweather is a boxer whereas McGregor is a UFC fighter, however both men consented to participate in this fight, and it was arguably the most anticipated boxing match in history. Mayweather, who is forty years of age, managed to hold tight to his title after defeating McGregor, who is twenty-nine years of age.

Thats not to say that McGregor did not fail to offer a solid fight. Considering McGregor managed to spar with Mayweather until the tenth round, I would say he certainly gave his best effort and provided thorough entertainment for viewers both at the actual match and at home.

From my understanding Mayweather gained approximately two hundred million dollars for being victorious in the fight while McGregor earned roughly one hundred million. Both men obviously tremendously benefited from the fight, and I imagine the match will be discussed and remembered for many years to come.

Perhaps Mayweather will consent to spar with McGregor in UFC fashion in the future, however regardless if this occurs or not I imagine boxing fans were more than satiated with the match that occurred between these two men. Boxing is a gruelling sport and both men deserve definite respect for their efforts.

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