Hurricane Harvey

This past Friday evening hurricane Harvey slammed into various cities in Texas, wreaking the most havoc so far in the city of Houston. The hurricane has been categorized as a level four storm and has already caused catastrophic damage within the city with more rain and flooding expected to occur as the storm reaches its conclusion. Rainfall levels have been recorded at a tremendous fifty cm in Houston and some meteorologists are estimating that the state will encounter roughly one meter of rainfall in certain areas.

I have been reading about this hurricane and watching footage of the wreckage and the damage that this storm has left in its wake is absolutely devastating. A majority of the residents of Houston have lost their homes and personal belongings in the storm and will likely be unable to return to their homes for a significant amount of time. Fourteen persons have been killed because of the hurricane thus far and the lives of animals and livestock have become a concern as rainfall levels continue to escalate in the state. I actually watched a video in which police officials in Houston were herding cattle through the streets with the aid of cowboys to bring them to safety.

Harvey is the worst storm to have hit Texas in history and the strength of this hurricane prompts me to question future natural disasters and the damage they will present. This hurricane is a blatant example of the very real occurrence of climate change and the severity of global warming must be acknowledged more now than ever.

My thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the people of Texas as they attempt to move forward and rebuild their homes and lives. Please keep them in your thoughts as well and research ways to provide financial aid to the victims of hurricane Harvey.

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