How to Treat Nausea Naturally

Chances are that at some point in your life you have experience nausea. It most certainly is not a pleasant feeling and it can linger for an extended duration of time, therefore when you begin to recognize the feeling of nausea you’re arguably going to want to force it away as quickly as possible.

Rather than running to the drug store to grab some anti-nausea medication, perhaps consider experimenting with some more natural ways to combat this unease feeling. For example, try some ginger tea or Ginger Ale, or even try nibbling on a ginger root. Ginger promotes healthy digestion and is a highly effective means to soothe nausea naturally. Lemon is also a natural way to encourage healthy digestion, so if ginger fails to appeal to you, try sipping some lemon water or sucking on a war lemon. Another stomach-soothing ingredient? Peppermint, and you guessed it, sipping on some peppermint tea can work wonders for an upset stomach.

Something else worth nothing in terms of nausea that most persons fail to recognize is that forcing nausea to remain within the body is not always the best way to approach the situation. Rather than suppressing the urge to vomit when feeling nauseous, if may help if you simply allow yourself to throw up. Holding vomit in for extended period of time can actually damage the lining of the esophagus from your stomach’s acid, so if you feel the urge, find yourself a toilet and let it out my friend. However, nausea can also be triggered by mental stress, for example anger or anxiety, so attempt to listen to your body to determine whether or not you’re truly sick. The body can be a tricky thing, so always try to establish what exactly you’re dealing with prior to engaging in any behaviour to sooth the issue.


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