The Importance of Migrant Workers in Agriculture

I have found that when you are operating a tractor for an extended duration of time, you have ample opportunity to allow your mind to wander and ponder things you may not have deeply thought about on other occasions.

As I was rolling straw in a new ginseng garden a couple of days ago alongside some of our migrant workers, I acknowledged how absolutely significant their help in regards to agriculture is. Their assistance and dedication to their work is a necessity when it comes to large scale farms, and I can say with confidence that if it were not for their willingness to work and commit themselves entirely to a job a majority of farms would have to conclude their production.

I find that migrant workers fails to receive enough recognition for their hard work in agriculture (in Canada, anyways), and this truly bothers me. Each and every day I witness our workers from Mexico work hard and without complaint, always with a smile on their faces. They come to farms to support their families back home and furthermore themselves, and they completely engage in hard work without any reluctance, a trait of work ethic that is hard to designate in contemporary

One of our workers has been coming to our farm annually for approximately twenty-five years and he now comes with his two sons. He has seen my sister and I grow up and has furthermore witnessed each and every expansion of the family farm operation. He is truly like family, and the relationship myself and my family have with him is wonderful.

Migrant workers are essential
components of modern farming and their efforts are certainly noted within the agricultural community. They are often times the foundation of highly established farms and are some of the most genuine individuals I have the pleasure of knowing.

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