The Benefits of Trying New Things

As per the saying “change is good”, change can also be quite terrifying in my own opinion. I personally am a creature of habit. Once I fall into the routine of a particular task or duty, I become comfortable and tend to feel hesitant towards the potential of change.

Over the course of my life, specifically in the past five years or so, I have certainly come to the realization that change is not only good in many circumstances but is furthermore necessary. My post-secondary education is something that has undoubtedly allowed me to comprehend the inevitability of change and also the benefits of change in specific contexts. For example, I was determined to pursue a Masters degree in English once I had completed my undergraduate degree, however after conversing with several different individuals I changed my mind and decided to enrol in a college program. I am actually considering changing my college program of choice as well, and in doing so I have been able to understand that change is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself as a person.

Think about it: We as human beings are not meant to adhere to one singular personality mold and adhere to such mold for the rest of our lives. We change, relationships change, jobs change, interests and hobbies change. Without change we would likely be stuck in a continuous rut with absolutely zero awareness of the countless opportunities and enjoyments existing in the world. It is so important to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and engage in unfamiliar activities in order to take advantage of the fantastic things that exist beyond our habits and routines.

Change can be hard, but it is absolutely necessary. Take it slow and gradually push yourself into trying alternate things and witness the amazing benefits that present themselves from doing so.

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