How to Create an Affordable Beauty Routine

Makeup, depending on where you purchase it from, can be a costly affair. Stores like Sephora are a makeup-lovers paradise, however they are simultaneously a nightmare because they tend to rack your bill up far more quickly than you anticipated.

I believe there are items in your makeup bag to splurge on while there are other items that do not require half of your paycheque. Makeup does not have to be something that significantly impacts your bank account, and in my own opinion there are ways to avoid overspending on cosmetic products.

When it comes to skincare products, I absolutely believe that your skin is an investment and therefore requires high-quality care and reputable products. Skincare can be incredibly expensive, depending on the brand you’re supporting, and while I am not advocating for La Mer items to enter your vanity I am promoting the concept of prioritizing your skin. Speak to a dermatologist, do some research and determine what type of skin your have in order to exercise use of the products that will benefit your skin the most.

In addition to skincare, any cosmetic items that are applied directly to the skin are, in my opinion, worth some extra money if it means they’re trustworthy. Foundation, primer, powder, bronzer, concealer, you name it – these are the items in my own routine that I believe are worth spending some extra cash on. However, other items such as mascara, eyelid primer and eyeliner are products I firmly believe can be purchased from a drugstore with such products reaping great results. I realize some persons may disagree, but as I stated, this is my own opinion and considering my $5 Covergirl mascara beats out any luxury mascara I have ever tried, I think my opinion is warranted.

Don’t be afraid to plan a budget when it comes to your makeup collection – saving money is always a positive thing.

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