My Favourite Quotes

As cheesy as they may be, quotations are something that are of importance to me. Simply reading over some of my preferred quotations and sayings can be incredibly comforting and furthermore inspirational, therefore I wanted to share some of my favourite quotes with you.

“Enjoy the simple things in life” – I feel as though this quote has emphasized relevance in contemporary society due to the forever changing and increasingly complex availability of technology and social media. Take the time to acknowledge the insignificant aspects of your life that you find joy in and ensure you don’t lose sight of such joy.

“What’s meant to be be will always find a way” – I realize this may be categorized as one of those ‘cheesy’ quotes, however I really enjoy this saying. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or fail to be confident in something I am engaged in or working on, I remind myself of this saying in order to understand that some things work out in certain ways for an unknown reason.

“What others think of me is none of my business” – This quote is a great reminder when your insecurities attempt to get the best of you. Be confident in who you are as a person and be proud of your choices in life and you will eventually realize that the negative opinions of others are irrelevant to you and your life.

“Grow through what you go through” – I believe that difficult experiences within life are tremendous learning opportunities and also allow for an individual to grow in their hearts and minds.

“Failure is not falling down; it is refusing to get up again” – Failure is a fear for many persons, but it is an absolutely crucial component of learning and furthermore success. If you have never failed, you are not trying hard enough (as my Dad says).

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