3 Items Every Woman Needs in her Wardrobe

I recently began the Public Relations program of study at Niagara College and was told by a majority of my teachers that certain occasions in regards to the curriculum require business/professional attire, for example if we are in the presence of a guest speaker or if we ourselves are giving a presentation. I headed to the mall and snagged a couple of items that I believe are crucial components of any woman’s wardrobe, items that can be worn professionally but also more casually.

  1. A blazer: Prior to this past week I did not own a blazer, and after being told by my professors that I need to appear professional on certain occasions, I realize that a blazer is a wardrobe necessity for any person. A blazer can be worn in a business context, for example as part of a pantsuit, however it can also be worn more casually, for example with a pair of jeans. There are so many different types of blazers that I would argue that there is one in existence for everyone. Feel free to try different colours as well; I now own a white and a black blazer and either would be appropriate for both casual and professional atmospheres.
  2. A pair of black dress pants: Black pants, similar to a blazer, can be worn in a variety of ways and environments, and they pair with almost everything. Regardless of the material, these can be worn throughout all of the seasons and will never be acknowledged as out of style.
  3. Nude shoes: Owning a pair of nude shoes can take you from the office to the bar in no time, and their elegance remains constant. Whether they’re heels, flats, sandals or boots, nude shoes are an essential for any woman and can be dressed up or down easily.

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