The Recent Increase in Natural Disasters

If you have been following the news as of late you’re arguably aware of the succession of natural disasters occurring in various global regions. After hurricane Harvey plagued Houston an additional hurricane (Irma) developed and has destroyed regions in St. Martin, Florida and Turks and Caicos. Shortly after reports regarding Irma were released, news of hurricane Jose developed and shortly after a tremendous earthquake occurred in Mexico.

This recent escalation of natural disasters certainly prompts one to question the state of our world. In my opinion, these violent storms are a blatant example of the rise of global warming and are perhaps an indication of what is to come in regards to severe weather in the near future.

Weather is something that truly scares me, specifically in the context of natural disasters. We are unable to dictate or control weather patterns and therefore are incredibly vulnerable to the weather when it become aggressive and destructive.

It absolutely astonishes me that there remains persons in the world who deny the existence of global warming. Based on what is occurring right now in the context of weather, I believe individuals who fail to acknowledge the state of our world and the damage it has undergone because of our actions as human beings are completely ignorant. The damage we have done to the plant is irreversible, however the ability to avoid further damage or at least diminish it is possible. Reducing our carbon footprints and making a conscious effort to respect the planet is not complicated, yet people continue to ignore what is happening right before their eyes.

Global warming is real and is a significant issue occurring contemporarily. Do your research in order to better comprehend how to better your carbon footprint and to furthermore educate individuals who deny the existence of global warming.

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