The Permanence of Words

I recently was conversing with an individual about an argument they had gotten into with a person who is very close to them. Said argument was rather heated and some words were exchanged that were quite hurtful to this person I was speaking with.

The conversation I had with this person prompted me to consider any situation I have ever encountered in which words were said by either myself or someone else that were hurtful and insensitive. I would argue that a majority of us have been in a situation similar to this, and after an argument has concluded you’re often left feeling hurt or feeling as though you hurt someone else, neither of which are pleasant feelings.

Words can be incredibly powerful things. We use words and language to communicate with others on a daily basis in a variety of contexts, however even the simplest words can become malicious depending on how they are said or the environment in which they are uttered. What you may think to be innocent enough in your mind has the potential to deeply offend another individual, and once something is spoken it cannot be taken back. Apologies can be made, however the initial sting of whatever remark was made can linger for an extended duration of time after the words have been expressed.

It is so important to be aware of your words not only on a daily basis in everyday conversation, but furthermore when you’re arguing with someone. Anger and other emotions can block our ability to think comprehensively about specific words when dealing with conflict which is what leads to hurtful words. Before you spew an insult out of frustration, take a step back and analyze the situation. Genuinely consider the words you’re wanting to use prior to using them and avoid worsening the conflict in the process.

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