The Benefits of Being Outgoing

For some individuals, the concept of being outgoing and furthermore social can seem incredibly daunting. Putting oneself in a position in hopes of meeting new individuals and sparking friendships leaves the possibility of feeling vulnerable, even insecure, hence why for some persons it is easier to remain quiet and contained.

Personally, I am a rather outgoing person. I am quite comfortable conversing with individuals I am unfamiliar with or even reaching out to new persons in hopes of developing a positive relationship. Being outgoing comes naturally for some but is challenging for others, however it is of great importance to be willing to engage in the unknown in so many contexts of life. Being outgoing and social could familiarize oneself with a future employer or co-workers; it could lead to a variety of relationships, whether they be friendly or intimate. As intimidating as allowing oneself to become vulnerable to the unknown may seem, it can produce significant benefits that may be relevant to a person for the remainder of their life.

I have come to comprehend the benefits of being outgoing within my experiences with post-secondary education. I made friends in my university career that will arguably exist for many, many years, and I have already made some wonderful friendships in my college program and it is only the third week of classes. I believe I inherited the characteristic of being social from my dad considering he knows just about everyone and is able to strike up a conversation with any person, and I am glad I was raised by someone who also values the importance of this life skill. My mom has also instilled the importance of being outgoing in my life, beginning from my childhood, and she has emphasized the significance of true friendships for as long as I can remember.

The next time you find yourself in a social environment, make conversation with the person next to you. It could lead to wonderful things.

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