Film Review: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I realize this is my second film review this week, however movies are arguably something that are of great interest to a majority of persons. If I am able to shed some insight on films from my own perspective and potentially aid another individual in determining whether or not to view said film, I feel as though I have done my part.

I have been wanting to see the film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword for quite some time now. It premiered in May and I finally got around to viewing it recently, and it did not fail to impress.

I should begin by explaining that in my last semester of university I took an English course focused on the legend of King Arthur and the occurrence of this tale in numerous forms of literature, therefore I believe I have a rather solid comprehension of what exactly the tale encompasses. There have been multiple variations of the tale throughout different media avenues, and this particular film is no exception. I would not state that it is accurate in its interpretation of the story of King Arthur, however it incorporated key elements of the legend, for example Arthur pulling sword from stone and significant characters in the legend such as Merlin and Uther Pendragon.

The film stars Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur (swoon) and Jude Law as Vortigern and essentially conveys the struggles of Arthur as he attempts to process the fact that he is the fated King of Camelot. Vortigern is enraged that he is not the true heir to the throne and therefore attempts to kill Arthur in hopes of claiming the kingdom himself.

Something I found to be quite refreshing in the film was Arthur’s sense of humour. It approached the legend from an alternate perspective and in doing so provided Arthur with a different dynamic than what I am used to encountering. The graphics in the film were incredible, the acting was solid, and overall I would recommend viewing this film.

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