Get to Know Me (Again)

I did a Get to Know Me post a while back and was surprised at how well it was received by my readers. Based on the positive response I encountered from persons who read my blog, I thought I would create another informative post regarding who I am as a person. I apologize if anything I mention is repetitive – perhaps I simply am not an overly exciting individual.

  • I really enjoy exercising use of makeup, and the entirety of my cosmetic knowledge can be credited to my sister as she is incredibly talented when it comes to makeup
  • Vanilla is my favourite scent
  • I crack my knuckles repeatedly
  • I give a solid performance on a bbq
  • I eat my steak so rare it basically bleeds
  • A few years ago I ate a box of cereal daily
  • Family is of utmost importance to me
  • I had two ingrown toenails surgically corrected last Fall
  • I wear a mouthguard to bed every night because I grind my teeth aggressively and have exposed nerve endings on a lot of my teeth as a result
  • I have been working on a freelance story for over a year now
  • Starting a daily blog is one of the best things I have done for myself and for my writing skills
  • The reason I haven’t had a haircut in over nine years is because my last hair cut did not go as planned and I have been traumatized ever since
  • I am fascinated with paranormal and spiritual realms
  • I am not a fan of cabbage
  • I eat a lot of bananas in a day
  • I have an appetite that would frighten most people
  • My sister (along with my dog) is my best friend
  • I am frequently asked if I play or played basketball because of my height
  • I am a terrible basketball player

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