The Importance of a Proper Resume

In one of my public relations courses my class and I were given some information regarding how to construct a proper resume and furthermore how important a proper and professional resume is when looking for jobs. Our professor dedicated an entire three-hour lecture to resume and cover-letter building and had an individual from Niagara College’s Career Services department come in and give us additional information.

I personally found this class incredibly beneficial considering not once in my entire educational career have I been instructed how to go about creating a professional resume. When I was in high school I researched resume templates and created one independently, however I learned in my class that my current resume is seriously lacking in professionalism and effectiveness. Unless a resume or a cover-letter catches the attention of a potential employer immediately, it is arguable that it will get tossed into the trash without further contemplation. Internet resources are available to aid in the development of a proper resume, yet the endless informational websites can become overwhelming quite quickly and you may end up incorporating irrelevant information into your resume as a result.

An interesting thing I learned in this resume-building session is that color is key. Up until recently, I was under the impression that in order for a resume to professional it must be black and white in colour and must be written in a professional font, for example Times New Roman. Our professor informed us that colour and unique fonts are actually what may catch a potential employers attenion, therefore my understanding of a traditional and quite frankly boring resume was incorrect. Excessive colour and crazy fonts are obviously not going to be effective on a resume, either, but subtle accents can make a tremendous difference.

Considering the importance of a resume and a cover letter, it is beneficial to have a concrete understanding of how to compose them properly. Reach out to someone with resume and cover letter knowledge in order to achieve an accurate understanding of how to go about this essential task.

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