Personality Colour Dimensions Testing

My public relations class and I were presented with the opportunity to participate in a personality test, said test called the Personality Colour Dimensions Test. An individual came into one of our classes and distributed the test, providing us participants with instructions as to how to go about answering the questions provided. We were instructed to fill out a questionnaire in order to determine which colour best represents us and our personality characteristics, options for possible colour categorizations being gold, blue, green and orange.

I was personally categorized as gold, and criteria for gold personalities are as follows:

  • Organized and orderly
  • Adheres to tradition
  • Responsible and practical
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Committed to determined organization goals
  • Ahead of schedule
  • Helpful
  • Dependable and trustworthy
  • Dedicated to following deadlines
  • Respectful towards authority and rules
  • Patient (I personally disagree with this as I am not an overly patient person)
  • Cooperative

Each colour categorization offers different characteristics for different personality types, and I personally found the test to be incredibly helpful and furthermore rewarding in terms of how I understand myself.

Some weaknesses of my personality distinction include having a narrow focus, being unforgiving once trust with another individual is broken, being too hard on oneself and also others, being more pessimistic than optimistic and also being reluctant to the possibility of change. Each colour categorization has a description of strengths, weaknesses, skills, needs and likes, and I think it is beneficial to be familiar with your own personality type and also the personality types of others you may know, for example colleagues, friends or partners. Having an understanding of how you may potentially interact with others could prevent the possibility of conflict in the near future, therefore I would recommend engaging in this type of test if the opportunity ever presents itself. Knowing yourself is the first step in knowing others.

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