Product Review: TOKOYOMILK Fragrance

I received a sample of one of TOKOYOMILK’s fragrances for women with my last Sephora order, and since I am so pleased with the particular fragrance I received, I thought I would do a review/informational post regarding the different fragrances this brand offers for women.

TOKOYOMILK’s fragrance collection for women is categorized by a number system along with actual names for the specific scents. They include Novacaine No. 8, Everything and Nothing No. 10, Arsenic No. 17, and Pretty Rotten No. 33. All of their fragrances for women fall into the “Femme Fatale” categorization, and after smelling samples of each scent in a Sephora store, I can say with complete honesty that I thoroughly enjoy every single scent in the collection.

I was unable to find any TOKOYOMILK scents for men on the Sephora website, and I find this to be rather unfortunate considering how great their scents smell in my own personal opinion. I would argue that if TOKOYOMILK were to develop fragrances specifically for men their sales would significantly increase because their target audience would increase in size, but again, this is simply my personal opinion.

One detail I feel is worth recognizing in regards to TOKOYOMILK’s fragrances is that they tend to be on the heavier side. Their Novacaine No. 8 fragrance, for example, contains notes of Crushed Ginger, Thai Pepper, Frankincense, and Vanilla Orchid, and for anyone who is slightly or overtly sensitive to heavier scents, these notes will be problematic.

Overall, I really like the TOKOYOMILK fragrances and I would recommend them to individuals whose scent preferences are similar to my own. A word of advice, however; try to refrain from purchasing perfume or cologne as gifts for people unless they have specifically stated that they enjoy a particular fragrance. Perfumes and colognes can be tricky to guess about, and it’s best to simply allow each individual to purchase their own.

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