The 2017 Norfolk County Fair’s Faces of Women in Agriculture Panel

On Friday evening my mom, grandma and I went to the Norfolk County Fair’s very first Women in Agriculture Panel. The event was organized independently by my own sister, Danielle, and I could not be more proud of how successfully she executed this panel. The tremendous work she dedicated to this project is worthy of recognition, and her ambition in regards to advocating for the presence of women in agriculture is absolutely incredible.

My sister arranged to have five females from the agricultural industry to come and speak at this panel and to discuss some of the issues they have encountered being a woman in a typically male-dominated industry. Four of the women were farmers and one has been working for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture for thirty-eight years, and I found the diversity of these women and their involvement with farming to be really balanced and furthermore effective in the sense that their stories and experiences with the industry were each unique. My sister initiated the event by providing a brief biography of herself and followed by introducing each of the women and discussing their backgrounds and their involvement with farming. She then proceeded to ask the panel a series of questions, some questions being specifically tailored for certain women, and the event lasted for approximately two hours with consistent discussion in between.

I genuinely cannot stress enough how proud I am of my sister for taking it upon herself to organize this event individually in order to advocate for such a significant cause amongst women in farming. It is my hope that this event will occur again next year and for many years to follow, and I encourage anyone who has an interest in agriculture, or anyone who wishes to learn more about the industry, to attend this event in the near future.

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