The Norfolk County Fair and Horseshow

I think it is safe to say that pretty much everyone enjoys attending fairs and carnivals. There is something about the atmosphere at a fair that is so absolutely wonderful and intriguing, and attending the Norfolk County Fair and Horseshow annually has been something I look forward to on Thanksgiving weekend for a majority of my life. My family and I have been attending this fair every single year since I was a few years old, and I am so thankful that this event has become a key component of my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations.

One of the things I enjoy the most about this particular fair is its emphasis towards agriculture and different types of farming. There are several buildings at the Norfolk Fair dedicated to farm animals, livestock, crop samples and agricultural tutorials, and I think it is so important that agricultural is a central focus of the fair yearly. It is a wonderful educational opportunity for any person who is interested in farming and wishes to learn more about it, and the volunteers within these buildings are usually involved with farming themselves and are therefore a very knowledgeable resource for individuals wanting to expand their agricultural knowledge.

My family and I attend the fair every Sunday, and the fair runs from Thursday to Monday of Thanksgiving weekend. Each night there is a different event or attraction occurring, some examples being the demolition derby, the truck and tractor pull, the horse show and a country concert, this year’s performer being Tim Hicks. My sister attends the fair daily to volunteers at the Ontario Ginseng Board’s booth, and my dad participates in the tractor pull. My entire family has been involved with this fair since day one, and I am so happy to acknowledge that this fair has become a family tradition.

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