The 2017 Burford Fair Demolition Derby

Prior to attending the demolition derby at the Burford Fair this past weekend, I had never been to any sort of demolition event in my life. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but considering I have not been able to attend for the past several years because of other conflicts (my dad and his pulling tractor), I seized the opportunity to be present this year.

My boyfriend, Blaine, participated in the event, as did his brother, his cousin, and several of his good friends. His brother is a diesel mechanic therefore he aids Blaine in the preparation of his derby car every year. Brian, Blaine’s brother, ran two cars; one in the four cylinder heat and one in the eight cylinder heat. Blaine participated solely in the four cylinder event, and after a rough start he ended up finishing second overall out of fourteen drivers. It was a really incredibly day and I couldn’t be more proud of how he and his brother did.

I really enjoyed this derby because of the sense of community that existed between competitors and pit crews. It actually reminded me a lot of the atmosphere that occurs at my dads tractor pulls; everyone knows everyone, and despite the fact that the event is a competition, all drivers are happy for one another at the end of the day. Blaine actually ended up getting second place to a friend of his, and after the derby had concluded they exited their cars and congratulated one another. It was very refreshing to acknowledge that these participants enjoy engaging in friendly, recreational competition, and furthermore to recognize that they all look out for one another.

I hope I am able to attend next year, and quite honestly I think being a driver in the derby myself would be a rather neat experience. We will see, but in the meantime I value how strongly respect and assistance was emphasized throughout the duration of the event between drivers.

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