The Importance of Group Work In An Academic Environment

I have found in my own academic experiences that the older students become and the higher the grade they are enrolled in, the less they desire to work in groups with other students to complete assignments. I would argue that almost all students have been involved in a situation in which they were assigned a group to work with in order to complete a specific project, and through the experience they ended up despising group work because they were forced to do a majority of the work as a result of other group members failing to fulfill their responsibilities.

This negative experience with group work has certainly happened to me, and further, it has happened on more than one occasion.

In university, I was rarely asked to participate in group work. Granted, there were one or two projects in which I was assigned a partner to complete a certain task with, but apart from that most of the assignments were expected to be completed independently.

Coming to college from university has definitely changed my perspective of group work because there is a lot of group work involved in a college curriculum, and although I did not think I would ever say this, I have come to the conclusion that group work is not only important in academia, but it is realistic in terms of how tasks will be performed in a future career. Granted, if you are the owner of a business or you work in a position that is required to be done independently, group work is not of relevance to you. However, for a majority of occupations you are expected to work with your colleagues in a team-like manner, therefore becoming familiar with group work in an academic environment in advance is incredibly beneficial in terms of preparing students for what to expect in future jobs.

It may suck at times, but group work does not necessarily deserve the poor reputation it has accumulated for many individuals. Consider your next group project to be a sort of teaser for what to expect when you enter the workforce, and I promise it will be far more tolerable.

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