The Opportunity for Widespread Connectivity Through Media

Several days ago I created a post addressing the website Canva and how great of a resource it is for students and employees for various companies in a broad context. I actually ended up receiving an email from an individual who works for the organization, thanking me for giving the website such a great review. By no means was I expecting to be contacted by a representative for Canva, nor was I expecting to receive recognition for giving the brand a positive review, but I was pleasantly surprised and appreciative regardless, and this interaction serves as a great example as to how widespread connectivity can be through media.

Although media and social media platforms are often subject to tremendous criticism, their ability to connect individuals with others is quite admirable. I am not exactly sure how this individual from Canva came across my blog, but the fact that she read my blog and chose to personally message me to discuss the content of this particular post is, to me, pretty incredible. I often check the audience a particular blog post I have written has reached on a given day, and I see individuals are reading my blog across all seven continents, and despite owning and managing my blog for almost two years now, this discovery never fails to amaze me.

Social media platforms and media platforms, in general, are so incredibly widespread, and they effortlessly unite users from across the globe. Whether this unification occurs because of a product review, a conflict, a difference in opinion or simply a common interest, it has never been so easy to connect with other media users in a global context, and this connection is absolutely astounding. I look forward to witnessing how much further the possibility for widespread communication through media will advance, and in the meantime, I anticipate interacting with other users of media all over the world.

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