The Power of Positive Familial Influence

I truly cannot stress enough how supportive and encouraging my parents have been towards me and in regards to my passions throughout my life. I am unable to recall a single scenario in which my desire to pursue something or my decision to change my course of action in a particular context was not supported by my mom and dad, and their phenomenal parenting and the way they raised myself and my sister has prompted me to acknowledge the power of positive familial influence.

Family is such a critical component of life for many individuals, however, I realize that not all persons have a positive relationship with their family members. If you are like me and do have a positive relationship with your family, you are likely aware of the tremendous role they can play when it comes to a decision you are making or a path you are deciding to travel, and how their role can make or break a situation. I value my family’s opinions deeply, and I consistently ask them to vocalize their thoughts and opinions when I am feeling conflicted in regards to a certain situation. I find their input to aid me significantly when I am struggling to make a decision about something, and the fact that my relationship with my family is healthy is a contributing factor as to why I am the person I am.

I try to express my gratitude to my mom and my dad for all the support and positive influence they have provided me with over the years, and my sister as well; however, putting something so vast into a sentence can be difficult, therefore I try my best to show my appreciation for this positive influence from my family on a daily basis. Small acts of kindness and appreciation can go a long way, and if you feel the same way about the influence your family has had in your life as I do mine, I urge you to consider showing your family your thanks.

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