Halloween Makeup

I am subscribed to a couple of makeup artists on youtube, and I would argue that for many makeup artists, Halloween is their favorite time of year. Each year, usually at the beginning of October, these makeup artists begin to post videos of some Halloween looks they create, and they are absolutely incredible. The amount of work that makeup artists put into their creations in these videos is astounding, and I really appreciate the fact that they film themselves in the development of their creations in order to encourage and inspire other artists to follow suit and create their own looks. Nicole Guerriero and Desi Perkins are two examples of makeup artists I follow on youtube, and every year their looks seem to claim the most views and the most praise for their remarkable skill and creativity. Last October, Guerriero came out with four or five different looks, and each one was unique and captivating in its own way. I give these individuals a lot of credit for willingly expressing their skill and talent and for taking the time to film their looks and explain the steps involved in creating the look in hopes of viewers to make their looks their own.

Granted, these makeup artists are trained professionals are therefore are able to create mind-blowing looks for Halloween. That is not to say, however, that the average person is unable to create a simplified version of their creations. For example, creating a skull look using eyeshadows, face paint and eyeliner is one of the most popular looks these artists create, and there is a multitude of videos regarding how to create a skull on Youtube for viewers to try independently.

If you’re passionate about makeup, consider creating your own Halloween look this year and sharing it via social media. You never know who you might inspire!

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