Why Should You Blog?

I created a post a while ago addressing how I became involved with the concept of blogging, and I wanted to re-visit the topic. In one of my public relations courses this past week, a guest speaker came in to share her experiences in the public relations world with us students. She, too, manages and operates a personal blog, and she really emphasized the importance of having that creative outlet once you enter the workforce. She explained to us that beginning a blog demonstrates to future employers that you have a thorough familiarity with blogging and websites intended for bloggers, and further that you are committed to a cause, for example, dedicating your time to create x amount of blog posts per week.

In addition to encouraging us to begin a blog, she explained that other creative media outlets, for example, vlogs or podcasts, are also excellent options to engage in as a personal hobby. To expand the options of creative media outlets even further, consider beginning a professional Pinterest board, a personal website, or even engaging in freelance writing. These are some of my own personal recommendations, and regardless of which option you decide to pursue, creativity in any form is beneficial and will allow you to enhance your skill set.

Blogging, as challenging as it is for me personally some days, is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. My blog encourages me to be creative, to share my own personal opinions with my readers, and to better my grammar and writing skills. It can be quite difficult to come up with blog posts every single day, but I manage to think of something to discuss eventually.

If you have ever considered beginning a blog, I strongly encourage you to pursue that consideration. It may be one of the greatest things you ever do for yourself!

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