The 2017 Ontario College Strike – #2

The third week of the 2017 Ontario College strike is coming to a close, yet the strike prevails. I read numerous reports stating that the two parties involved with the strike met on both Thursday and Friday of this past week, however, no updates regarding the further duration of the strike have been released.

At this point, I am beyond frustrated, as are many other college students in the province. There has been zero discussion of how students will be reimbursed for the class time they have lost, and we recently learned that our semester will conclude on the 22nd of December, rather than the 15th. I feel as though a majority of individuals observing the details of the strike from an exterior position, for example, people who are not students impacted by the strike, would argue that the diminishment to our Christmas break is warranted considering we have had three weeks off already. The amount of time we have been without class because of the strike is completely irrelevant to this argument because this time out of class was not planned for by students. The time we were intended to have off for our Christmas break, however, was intended, therefore many students planned vacations or have travel plans to visit with their families during the Christmas. There are also international students who have booked flights back home months in advance who now have to sacrifice seeing their families during the holidays and further the money they invested in flight tickets and other travel details.

It is probable that these students will not be reimbursed by a majority of colleges for the money they will now lose because of the extension of the semester, and extending the semester fails to account for the quality of education we have now lost because of the strike.

Students are the only individuals in this situation that have been negatively impacted, and observing the treatment of college students as pawns in a drawn out and an irresponsible process is absolutely infuriating.

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