When Is It Too Early To Participate In Christmas Festivities?

So often I come across individuals who are extremely annoyed with how early Christmas decorations and carols become evident in stores and on the radio. Their argument is that recognizing these Christmas traditions so soon after Halloween, even before the American Thanksgiving, is somewhat ridiculous. On the other hand, I also come across individuals who are simply ecstatic once Halloween celebrations conclude because for them it signals the initial opportunity to participate in Christmas traditions and festivities, even if this participation begins as early as November 1st.

Personally, I find it far too early to begin celebrating Christmas immediately after Halloween. Not only do I find it highly unnecessary to begin advocating for a holiday that is roughly two months away, I further find it disrespectful to engage in Christmas commemorations prior to Remembrance Day. November 11th provides the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices countless individuals have made in order to benefit others and secure their freedom, and choosing to focus ones attention on a holiday so far in advance rather than on one occurring presently is disrespectful and insensitive. It has always perturbed me that Remembrance Day becomes somewhat swallowed by Christmas paraphernalia, and the least we as a society could do in order to properly recognize the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us is to refrain from participating in Christmas festivities until November 11th has passed.

It really does make sense, doesn’t it?

This year, please abstain from purchasing holiday decorations or succumbing to Christmas deals and bargains in stores for an extra week or so. It is the absolute least we can do for our veterans and current soldiers in our country and around the world, and quite honestly, it should be done without having to recognize this flaw in the first place.

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