Game of Thrones: Season Three

Alas, here I am once again, offering my opinion of another season of Game of Thrones. I hope I am not coming across as someone who solely watches television in their time, however since my college has been on strike, I have found some extra time on my hands – why not catch up on some television if you’re able?

Moving on, I recently finished season three of the Game of Thrones series. I am finding it difficult to comprehend the fact that I will soon be beginning season four, but I suppose this is a good sign; I personally think it signifies that I am enjoying the show and the direction in which it is heading.

I am not one to give away spoilers, however, I certainly have to address the Red Wedding scene, occurring in episode nine of season three. Dear Lord, I was not expecting such a violent turn of events at all, let alone at a wedding, and I was rather depressed regarding the death of Robb and Kat Stark. I quite liked both characters, and in complete honesty, Robb was tied with John for my all-around favorite, therefore I took his death quite personally.

That aside, season three was very good, in my own opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed the allianced that developed between Jamie and Brienne, and I was extremely pleased with the relationship that blossomed between Robb and his new wife, Talisa, despite said marriage lasting for an extremely limited duration of time. As I mentioned in my season two summation, Tyrion is quickly becoming one of my preferred characters, and the tension building between him and his father is arguably going to come to a head at some point soon, whether it be in this season or the next.

I anticipate my own commencement of season four, and again, I shall update you once I have completed watching it.

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