The Truth About Long-Term Relationships

When I first started dating my boyfriend roughly four years ago, I was completely unaware of the potential longevity of our relationship. I enjoyed his company and appreciated his presence in my life, but to be entirely honest, I simply did not anticipate the fact that we would still be together almost four years later.

I am extremely grateful for my boyfriend and the ways in which he has changed my life, therefore I thought I would dedicate a post to the reality of long-term relationships in hopes of providing some clarification for anyone curious about some of the details involved. Keep in mind, however, that all relationships are different, and that my own personal experiences may not be applicable to the experiences of others in any way.

I think one of the key lessons I have learned from being in a long-term relationship is that it can be incredibly challenging at times. Relationships, no matter how long they have been in existence, present numerous situations in which you and your partner must be willing to compromise and negotiate, and sometimes an agreement in not reached. Challenges can be influenced from both internal and external factors, for example conflicts between the two of you and also conflicts from an outside contributor, and distinguishing an effective way to work through any sort of conflict is crucial in order to problem solve and prevent future issues.

It is also essential to establish that both you and your partner are expected to put forth an effort in your relationship. Having one person pushing to make things work while the other fails to contribute will eventually become stale, and healthy relationships typically involve a 50/50 effort.

The truth is, relationships are hard, but they’re also wonderful and fun and meaningful and rewarding. They demand work and compromise, but they can be one of the most fulfilling things you will ever experience.

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