How to Be A Successful Writer

I will admit in saying that the title of this post may suggest that I believe myself to be a successful writer. By no means am I attempting to come across as arrogant, nor am I attempting to persuade others into believing that I am a successful writer because I am not. I have come a long way in terms of my writing and have been published in several different mediums, however, success to me personally is a never-ending process, therefore I doubt I will ever refer to myself as a successful writer, simply because I believe there is always room for improvement.

I will say that I have achieved some extent of success in regards to my writing, therefore I wanted to share my experiences with you in hopes of encouraging others to pursue their writing dreams and be successful as well. One of the main things I have learned about writing and wanting to be successful is the willingness to put oneself “out there”. In saying this, I am making reference to openly sharing your work with others and writing outlets, for examples blogs, magazines, newspapers, even attempting to have something you have written published as a book. Fearing rejection will get you nowhere in any scenario in life; in order to achieve and accomplish, you must be willing to encounter failure, and failure to me is a tremendous learning opportunity.

I would also say that remaining true to oneself when it comes to writing is very important. If you find yourself writing about things that make you detest writing or things you fail to be passionate about, consider researching some other topics that make you excited about writing. Writing is a means of creative expression, and having your creativity oppressed will arguably not aid in enhancing your overall writing experiences.

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