How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Coffee is, for me personally, a rather absolute necessity in my everyday life. I am aware of the fact that I arguably consume too much coffee in a day, and I have done so for a long time. I began drinking coffee when I was around fourteen or fifteen, and I have been hooked ever since. There is something so enticing about a warm cup of joe with your morning toast, specifically when the weather turns cold, and I find coffee to actually be somewhat comforting in a way.

According to Shape magazine, downing between three and five cups of coffee a day is the maximum amount of java you should be sipping. Keep in mind that the average “cup” size is eight fluid ounces, not a venti from Starbucks or a large from Tim Hortons. All people react differently to caffeine, so while three to five cups of coffee in a day might prompt one person to bounce off of walls, for another, it may not impact them in the slightest. I drink four to six cups in a day, and I have cut back my coffee intake. I drank far more in my early years of university, but after coming to the realization that my trembling limbs and dehydration were a result of my caffeine habits, I knew I had to cut back.

It is also important to keep in mind that coffee additives are worth considering when it comes to calculating the amount of coffee you consume on a given day. For those who drink their coffee black, which I personally do, sugars and heavy creamers are not something to fret over. However, if you’re drinking five triple-triples in a day, your coffee habits are arguably even more detrimental to your overall health due to heightened calorie and fat consumption. Perhaps opt out sugar for Stevia and creamers for coconut or skim milk if you’re wanting to improve your coffee habits.



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