DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas, as wonderful and fulfilling as it is, can, unfortunately, present individuals with financial stresses due to the purchase of gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. While Christmas certainly is not intended to be celebrated with gifts, the expenses that can arise for wanting to give others something special during the holidays can quickly become a burden. I did some research and wanted to offer some ideas regarding some DIY Christmas gifts in hopes of helping you save some money and also some sanity this year.

  • Consider making some homemade bath bombs, body scrubs or soaps using Epsom salts and essential oils
  • Purchase some inexpensive photo frames from the dollar store and decorate them yourself with paints and rhinestones
  • Fill mason jars with the ingredients required to make a batch of cookies and include the instructions for the recipe
  • Fill mason jars with hot chocolate and marshmallows and include some plastic spoons dipped in melted chocolate
  • Create some rustic-looking lanterns with old mason jars and tea lights
  • Purchase some ceramic pottery from the dollar store and paint them yourself to create some homemade cookie jars or flower vases
  • Decorate an empty bottle of wine and fill it with jewels for a unique centerpiece
  • Make a piece of art with old corks
  • Buy a cheap photo album and fill it with photos of yourself and the person the gift is for

These are just a few DIY Christmas gift ideas, and you can find plenty more by simply conducting a Google search (Pinterest is a great resource for DIY crafts). Whether it be recipes, home decorations, body products or recycled wine bottles, there is absolutely a DIY gift idea for everyone on your list this year, and if you do decide to experiment with any, please let me know how it worked out for you!

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