Coyote Peterson/Brave Wilderness

Scrolling through YouTube the other evening, I stumbled across a channel titled Brave Wilderness. This channel features Coyote Peterson (Nathaniel Peterson), a wildlife educator who seeks out the world’s most dangerous creatures and willingly allows himself to be subject to the stings and bites of dangerous animals and insects.


At first, I thought this man’s videos were merely clickbait, but after exploring several of his videos I came to the realization that this man is both questionably nuts and intensely brave. I believe the purpose of his videos is to educate others about the dangers of specific animals and just how intense their bites and/or stings are, and although I find his method of teaching to be somewhat dramatic, his videos are absolutely enthralling.

Peterson first started to post videos to his YouTube channel in 2014, and he currently has 8.6 million subscribers. Each of his videos earns roughly five million views, and some of the series he hosts on his channel include Dragon Tails, Coyote’s Backyard, Beyond the Tide, On Location and Breaking Trail in which he won an Emmy in 2015 for youth/teen programs.

Peterson ranks the pain of the stings he receives in accordance with the Schmidt Pain Index, a pain scale that ranges from 1 to 4, 1 being less pain and 4 being extreme pain. Some examples of the creatures he has been stung/bitten by include a lionfish, a snapping turtle, a jellyfish, a porcupine, a Gila, a Cow Killer, a Warrior Wasp and a Trauntala Hawk. A word of warning: some of his videos are graphic in their contents, therefore if you are squeamish or do not enjoy the sight of blood, I personally would not recommend watching his videos.

I find Peterson’s channel to be rather interesting, and I imagine many others would as well. He reminds me of Steve Irwin!

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