Game of Thrones: Season Four

Alas, I have finished yet another season of Game of Thrones, this season being the fourth.

As I mentioned in a previous post regarding Game of Thrones, I thought I would offer my opinion on each season as I finish them because I enjoy this series so much. I ask you not to continue reading if you do not wish to have the season spoiled because I may or may not unintentionally unveil some key components of the season.

I have stated this in each and every post in which I have reviewed a season of Game of Thrones, and I will shamelessly state it again; season four has been one of the best of the seasons yet. Key characters continue to develop and demonstrate riveting personality characteristics, plot twists are becoming more apparent, and relationships remain crumbling. The Lannisters have begun to crumble along with their legacy, specifically due to Tyrion murdering his father, Tywin, with a crossbow while he uses the washroom, and further because of Cersi’s choosing to tell her father the truth regarding her incestual relationship with her brother, Jamie. Jon Snow continues to develop in his position as a Knight for the Knight’s Watch and Castle Black, and his relationship comes to an ultimate conclusion with Ygritte due to her passing in a battle between the Crows and the Wildlings (I said there might be spoilers).

My favorite part of season four was undoubtedly witnessing Tyrion murder his father, as awful as that sounds, and also Tyrion’s development as a character overall. Throughout the series, Tyrion truly has encountered more than his fair share of unfortunate circumstances, and in season four he demonstrates his ability to begin to overcome these challenges with absolute ferocity. He is a boss.

I look forward to watching and eventually season five, especially because winter is coming.

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