Game of Thrones: Season Six

I know what you’re thinking – how is she already finished season six? A valid question, but as I stated in my former post, I have ample time on my hands right now due to my inability to do anything remotely physical. I am essentially confined to my couch, so Game of Thrones has been a great way to pass time.

Anyways, back to the topic of this post. I am actually somewhat sad to acknowledge the fact I am beginning the second-last season of the series (season eight is being filmed currently) because it signifies the approaching conclusion of a fantastic show. I suppose that’s with any great show, though.

I always say this, but please do not read if you do not wish you spoil the season or the series for yourself.

Season six was pretty insane, as all of the seasons have been, however, season six was insane in regard to the loss of so many characters. Some deaths were honestly tragic (Rickon), and others were long overdue (Ramsay), and as sad as some of these deaths were to watch, I would argue that death is inevitable in this series.

I think some of the major highlights of this season include the reunion between Sansa and Jon, the progression of Arya’s character and her choosing to regain her identity, the overwhelming presence of the High Sparrow and his manipulation of the Crown, and the highly anticipated interaction between Jon and Ramsay. Daenerys was somewhat less present in this season compared to the fifth, however, I imagine her presence will be strong in season seven.

I certainly did not expect to enjoy Game of Thrones as much as I am, and I am certainly anticipating season seven, and eventually season eight. My only fear is witnessing more deaths of phenomenal characters.

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