Life Post-Surgery

Last Tuesday I had surgery on my foot to correct an injury I sustained years ago. The procedure involved removing two pieces of bone fragment that had broken off and had become wedged in my muscle, and further repairing damaged ligaments in my foot. The operation took roughly an hour to complete, and thankfully I was able to return home from the hospital the same day.

My foot is currently secured in a plaster cast that rests just under my knee, and I will be in a plaster cast for three to four weeks. Once the plaster cast is removed, I will be wearing a boot for support for another three to four weeks, and following this, I will be attending physiotherapy for a few months to regain the strength in my foot I will lose throughout the recovery process. I will be making use of crutches until my foot is free of any sort of brace or cast, and I am already sick of using them, so I have a long road ahead.

For the first couple of days after the surgery, I was in a rather intense amount of pain, but thankfully, the pain has receded slightly. I realize I will arguably be in discomfort for a while to come, but I am taking medication I was prescribed by the surgeon to help.

I can say with complete honesty that the entire process really sucks, and I despise having to ask for assistance for the most minimal tasks, for example making food or opening a door. My family has been absolutely wonderful in terms of helping me adjust to my inability to perform basic tasks, and their willingness to give me a helping hand certainly diminishes my frustration with the entire situation.

I will provide updates as the process continues, and in the meantime, I plan on finishing off the final season of Game of Thrones.

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