Why Do My Earrings Irritate My Ears?

Earrings, as visually pleasing as they can be, can, unfortunately, cause a multitude of problems if worn incorrectly. I personally have dealt with infected earlobes more times than I can count, and I thought I would do some research to determine why my earlobes continue to be irritated from my earrings.

The first step to ensure your earlobes remain healthy is to locate a legitimate and trustworthy piercing shop. It may seem tempting to pierce your ears yourself, but trust me, this will undoubtedly lead to problems down the road, no matter how much research you conduct beforehand.

Secondly, sporting high-quality earrings is arguably ones of the best ways to prevent infection and further irritation. For first-time piercings, the backs should be gold posts, the post being the component of the earring that goes in your actual earlobe. Gold is far less likely to encourage swelling and infection, and using non-gold earrings in freshly pierced lobes can be detrimental in regards to discomfort and irritation.

Third, be sure to properly clean and care for your piercings. Clean the pierced area with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, and remove your earrings from time to time to allow the skin to breathe. Further, refrain from purchasing low-quality earrings. As tempting as the 10-pack can be from Ardenes or Claire’s, they will likely promote infection down the road. Invest in some high-quality, trustworthy earrings that will last you for years to come and will not irritate the skin surrounding your piercing. Lastly, do not wear the earrings too tight, meaning do not squeeze the back of the earring right up against the back of the earlobe. Excessive tightness can cut off air circulation and can lead to tears and blisters on the skin, which is what has happened to me.

Earrings are great, but only if they’re worn and cared for properly. Do some research of your own to determine how to take the best care of your piercings.


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