Why It Is Important to Refrain From Judging Others

As much as I strive to be the best possible version of myself, I sometimes find it difficult to be an altruistic individual in every aspect of life. I would argue humans have a tendency to focus on the worst in others, and despite making a conscious effort to avoid doing this, I occasionally catch myself being judgmental.

I do not think being occasionally judgmental of others is a bad thing, so long as you catch yourself in the act and make an effort to improve upon this behavior. However, if you acknowledge that you commonly judge others yet make no effort to end this behavior, chances are you don’t have the best reputation amongst others who happen to know you.

Many times I have convinced myself that I know someone and their character prior to actually conversing with them and getting to know them properly, only to learn that they are not at all what I perceived them to be. This realization makes me feel guilty and regretful because I assumed that a person was someone they really aren’t. When this occurs, I find it acts as a powerful reminder how wrong it is to judge others, and in complete honesty, my mistakes serve as concrete lessons in these types of situations.

Human beings are far from perfect, and I understand that occasionally our emotions get the best of us and encourage us to act rashly or make misinformed assumptions about others. As I said, as long as we strive to learn from these mistakes and better ourselves in the process, I don’t think we are bad people overall. I remind myself every day to be open and willing towards others, and this type of acceptance has truly helped me to become a more genuine and understanding person in various relationships in my life.

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