Niagara College’s Public Relations Graduate Panel

On Thursday, March 29th, my fellow Public Relations colleagues and I attended Niagara College’s Public Relations Graduate Panel. The purpose of the event was to allow current Public Relations students to network and connect with individuals who have completed the same program in past years. Several former Public Relations students attended the event, all coming from different sectors of Public Relations, and the opportunity to mingle with these individuals and learn about the industry in which they work was an incredibly gratifying experience.

The event consisted of rotations of groups amongst the individuals who came in to speak with us, followed by a panel in which myself and my classmates were able to ask the guests questions regarding their line of work. The event itself was actually organized my some of my fellow classmates, and I think they did an exceptional job. There was a live social media wall, food and beverages, awards and photo and video opportunities, and I found the event to be a fantastic way to conclude the academic year prior to beginning our internships.

Throughout the duration of this program, my classmates and I have been thoroughly reminded of the importance of networking, and this event truly demonstrated how significant networking can be. We were able to converse with people who were in our exact position not too long ago, and seeing their success and progress in their work was definitely gratifying and further reassuring considering we will be beginning future careers relatively soon.

I personally really enjoyed this event, and in addition to meeting some wonderful individuals, it was a great way to part with my fellow classmates on great terms. I have made great friends over this past academic year, and I look forward to witnessing where my colleagues will end up in terms of their own careers in the years to come.

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