Hair Care Gone Wrong

An article via Women’s Health Magazine recently caught my attention, but for all the wrong reasons.
The article, by Korin Miller, discusses the controversy surround Monat, a hair care line that claims to manufacture naturally based products which supposedly nourish one’s hair.
The catch? Users of Monat products are arguing that the merchandise is causing their hair fall out, and they’re suing. Three class action lawsuits have been filed to date, arguing that Monat products are contributing to tremendous hair loss, damage to the scalp, and even injury. One of the three lawsuits states that Monat uses harsh chemicals and allergens in the development of their products, despite their claim of using naturally sourced ingredients.
Monat users have reported red, open sores on the scalp, thinning hair, and bald spots.
The article explains that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received and is assessing 187 different reports affiliated with Monat products, and 503 complaints have been filed in South Florida with the Better Business Bureau where the company is based.
I checked out Monat’s website and was surprised to learn that based on the pricing of their products, this brand is likely considered to be higher-end or even luxury. I had never heard of the company prior to learning of this controversial incident, however,
I would be curious to speak with someone who makes use of their products to hear their experience with the merchandise. They offer a variety of different products with different purposes, including a kid’s line, and the brand officially launched in October 2014. Monat has won several marketing and promotional awards, and their website really is quite impressive.
I have never used Monat products, therefore I cannot attest as to whether or not they’re damaging. If you or know someone who has, please let me know your experience with it.

3 thoughts on “Hair Care Gone Wrong

  1. Well, I have been using Monat products for about two years. I have never been able to grow my hair long because the quality of my hair has been so terrible being fine and lifeless. It would normally split before I ever got any length . Monat has changed that picture for me. I am bewildered as to how it has caused so many problems knowing what good it has done to my hair. I’m certainly going to look into the ingredients a little further though. as that concerns me.
    Interesting…..It’s certainly not an easy task trying to stay healthy in this world!


  2. I have been using Monat over 2 years and yes I am a rep! I hope that will not count against me and my testimony. I have an autoimmune disease and went into menopause due to surgery/oopherectomy and my hair was thinning and falling our everywhere, I feel as a result. It grew back in after a year of bad fall out when I started on Monat (I have before and after pictures as proof). Also my hair became much healthier, shinier and more manageable and not as aged looking after about 8 years of menopause at that point. I only came in for the 30% discount and NOT to sell but people kept noticing my hair looking so beautiful, I was passionate about helping others get back their confidence and finding a healther alternative for hair product …the rest is history! As an RMT I had a client of 16 years that introduced it to me. Her hair was very thin on the crown for as long as I knew her. After using Monat it’s 90% improved. Her stylist now sells it because he could not believe what it did for her! Many stylists sell it because they see how effectively it helps their clients with hair/scalp issues.

    You can go to if you’d like for the truth about lawsuits. There is a side to everything but bad reporting slants to much to one side, sadly.

    Also, keep in mind that unfortunatley any product out there can cause sores/irritation/rash etc. so that is not anything new. How many individuals have used a cream, shampoo etc and had a reaction. It’s not one size fits all. People can have allergies to things. Just because someone is allergic to Penicillin does not make Penicillin a bad thing, does it? Also, fall out can be for many reasons and the product needs to be understood better in regards to a “slight” shedding that “may” happen in the beginning of use, but after much fuller hair growth is the result. That’s a whole other essay! Many factors like stress, change in meds, disease, diet change, chemical processing, season do affect hair loss.

    Questions…are the Market Partners that sell Monat educating their clients on how to use the product correctly, are the clients using it correctly, is it the right product recommendation, did the client get a bleach job and then start using the monat product and they coincided…we don’t know.

    Did they buy their product off of amazon or ebay and was it tainted? It is suppose to come directly to the door of the client…warehouse to client. I had a person buy excessive product off me randomly online and another rep like me had it happen around the same time in bulk and we reported it right away. It was fishy and we lost sales but did not care. What do people do when they buy product like this? Empty it, change what is inside, taint it? We have upset the apple cart in the hair industry and are taking a part of the pie! We are expected to be a billion dollar company in just our 4 years of operation. Suddenly in the past how many month issues arise? Makes my eyebrows rise. Again go to truthaboutmonat site and also realize many stylists can be very brand loyal and feel threatened by product their clients in the chair are now using. Think….less sales of their inventory. Surely bad taste in their mouth and they want us to disappear.

    People love negative press and it sure can circulate more than good news. I have around 1200 clients and team members and their clients and the testimonies are staggering with wonderful and heartwarming results. When nothing else worked, Monat did! The news will not crowd around that will it? It’s a recycled news story getting recycled everywhere. Drama sells. We have a less than .46% return rate and some returns are surely due to allergies *normal or exchange or a system for another or change minds or budget. By the way the product is well worth it considering a bottle of shampoo lasts 3-5 months due it being very concentrated and not watered down and that it provide results.

    Did the client understand that there is a transistion that can exist with the Monat products? For example my one client had an excessive 6 weeks of transitioning. She said she felt like she had crayon rubbed on the back of her head/hair. I explained it was the silicones, waxes etc. gently lifting (for some clients it feels like their hair is very dry) and it would pass. Her hair looked fine but did not feel fine. She perservered, and I had sent her the sheet that explains what to expect with Monat.Now her hair is silky, shiny so healthy, she goes 3 days without washing instead of 1 day and her co-workers have been asking what she is using and want the product and are ordering and LOVING it! I can share many stories of transistioning with great outcomes and some that don’t transition much at all, like me! But that is a clear example of complaints regarding hair above more serious complaints that may or may not be related to product irritation/allergy. How many people use Monat for a week or two, a month and think the product is crap and make bad reviews because they had no patience or were not educated on what to expect? Bad experience would pass with great results in the end….I hear it time and time again. Those that persist are very grateful. Maybe not all reps/Market Partners take the needed time to help their clients and the client gets frustrated and gives up with a bad experience. Who can blame them.

    Complaints in past to BBB etc. would be related mostly to the poor customer service because our wait times became horrendous, I must admit, when we had a 500% growth spike and they needed to hire more CS reps, which they did- thank God! Now call waits are zero to a minute. Refunds took a longer time than 48 hours but that was because so few returns, little staff. They since increase refund staff because we are so huge with I think over 750,000 clients. And now refunds are fast! YAY!

    We are in pre-launch mode in the UK and we did not have to change 1 ingredient which speaks volumes with their strict standards. Same with coming to Canada from the US over 2 years ago. We are 3rd party tested, have a scientific advisory board comprised of dermatologist, trichologist, MDs and more.

    I think it’s fair to say, some people “may” legitatimatley have issue with product and that is very unfortunate if it’s clearly the cause. But it is terribly upsetting that this negativity is impacting peoples decisions and especially my post chemo and alopecia clients growing back hair fast, thicker and healthy. An alternative product to chemical brands whose names I will not mention when people are looking for effective results and naturally based product to provide solutions for their hair and scalp needs.

    I just wanted to share my personal views and not that of the company and I for one firmly stand behind this product for what it has done for me and my clients. As a previous Health Care Professional, I would not share something I thought harmful or that would negatively impact my clients. I take their health and concerns very seriously and this is a profession for me now, continueing to help others with the least harmful product on the market for hair promotion of growth and scalp health. Respectfully, Karen


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