Misperceptions About Canadian Agriculture

So often I encounter individuals who are extremely uninformed about agricultural practices in Canada, specifically Ontario. I do not mean this as an insult; rather, as an observation.

I have been passionate about agriculture and farming for as long as I can remember. Being born and raised, and further working on my family farm has taught me an incredulous amount of knowledge in various regards, and it has certainly allowed me to comprehend what true work ethic consists of. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it can be for a child to be raised in an agricultural environment if possible, and I credit a lot of my personality characteristics and traits to a farming lifestyle.

That being said, I am therefore passionate about educating individuals about Canadian agriculture and what it entails. Organizations such as PETA paint an unfortunate picture for farmers because they emphasize the unjust and irresponsible practices of one single farmer, and often times, the factory farms depicted in animal cruelty footage are located in the US, not in Canada. I am not attempting to suggest that animal cruelty does not occur on farms, because it likely does. But, these wrong practices are extremely seldom in occurrence, and it is ignorant to assume that all farmers practice in the same manner. How is it fair to assume the poor choices of one farmer on one farm are common amongst all farmers? It simply does not make sense to make these disproportionate assumptions, hence why educating the public about Canadian agricultural practices is so important, specifically in the context of animals.

If you’re ever unsure about Canadian agriculture, rather than coming to conclusions based upon one video you have seen, consider doing some research of your own and exploring the regulations that Canadian farmers must abide by when raising livestock. You will likely learn a lot, and in doing so, inaccurate information about Canadian farmers and agriculture is depleted.

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