The Pleasure of Re-Reading Novels

Reading can be such an incredible experience. If you’re an avid reader, chances are you’ve come across a handful of books in your life that impacted you more tremendously than others, for whatever reason. Perhaps the characters were immensely relatable and encouraged you to feel as though you’ve known them for several years; perhaps the elements of the story were so relatable to your own life you felt as though you were reading a plot depicting your own story, but from a different perspective; perhaps the plot was so intense and jarring that you found yourself unable to tear your eyes away from the pages, avidly turning through until the book reached its end.

For me, Harry Potter books are some of the few that deeply resonated with me upon reading them. I’ve mentioned my love for the Harry Potter series several times already, and I apologize for my redundancy, but I really cannot stress my love for these books enough. I’ve read each book in the series roughly six times each, and I am on my seventh round now. I haven’t read the books since I was in high school, but upon opening The Philosopher’s Stone the other day and finding myself once again wrapped up in Harry’s world, it seemed as though I never took a break from the world of magic and Hogwarts. To me, that’s the sign of a phenomenal novel.

If you come across a text you’re able to read time and time again without tiring of its contents, hold onto it. It’s rare to discover these joyful finds, and it arguably will remain a favorite for the rest of your life.

Reading is a magical thing when you find a book that presents you with this experience, and I encourage you to keep searching for this book until you find it.

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2 thoughts on “The Pleasure of Re-Reading Novels

  1. I always plan on re-reading books, but never find the will to because I get distracted by the next book on my read-list! I hope I find the resolve to re-read a book soon.

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