Speekezzies Cafe and Wine Bar

Where I live, there isn’t exactly a plethora of restaurant selection when it comes to wanting to enjoy a nice meal. Sure, there’s plenty of roadhouses and chains, but for special occasions, it’s nice to eat somewhere with a menu and atmosphere that truly stands out.

Speekezzies Cafe & Wine Bar in Brantford, Ontario, is a restaurant my family and I enjoy going to when we are looking for an extraordinary dining experience. My parents have been eating at Speekezzies for years, and once they introduced my sister and me to the incredible dishes and warm atmosphere, we became hooked. Speekezzies has become a top choice for my family when we’re wanting to experience an incredible meal, special occasion or not, and if you reside within the Brantford region and you’ve never been, I strongly encourage you to give this place a shot.

Not only does Speekezzies offer a variety of Mediterranean dishes, appetizers, beverages, and desserts, but the atmosphere is something I thoroughly enjoy whenever I visit there. It’s very cozy, warm, relaxed and inviting, and it really is difficult to have a bad time when you’re in this restaurant.

When it comes down to the actual food, their tomato soup, Caesar salad, seafood pasta, and handmade pizzas are my personal favourites. They often offer specials as well, therefore there is plenty of selection and variety for even the pickiest eater you may know.

The owner, Anthony, and his family are an absolute pleasure to visit and chat with. They are so incredibly passionate about their restaurant, and said passion is undoubtedly reflected in their food. Listening to the servers, and Anthony himself, describe items on the menu or the specials is a very genuine experience because it is apparent how much effort from all the staff is issued toward ensuring Speekezzies customers are satisfied with their experience.

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