How To Build A Delicious Sandwich

I love food, as do a majority of individuals, but sometimes food gets boring. Eating the same things over and over can definitely take the joy out of eating, hence why it is important to attempt to resource new and exciting recipes.

Finding new recipes isn’t always easy, though. We’re busy people, and finding the time to browse through Pinterest to find a tasty enchilada dish or a new chili recipe simply isn’t always an option. That’s why I’m grateful for unintended new recipe findings, especially when I create them myself.

I was making a sandwich the other day to bring with me for the day, and quite honestly, I sort of just threw together a misture of things I found in my fridge. The sandwich ended up being absolutely bomb, so I thought I would share my recipe, if you can call it that, in hopes of enlightening someone else on their sandwich journey.

Bread is a crucial component of a sandwich, and unfortunately, I’m rather limited in terms of bread selection because of my food intolerance. I suggest going with a hearty bread, for example, sourdough or potato loaf, because this sandwich is a big boy and needs the extra support.

On top of your first slice of bread, layer a mixture of Hungarian salami and Quebec maple ham. Toss in a little mustard and ketchup (odd, I know), and top with some onion, lettuce, and tomato. Place another slice of bread on top of this, and now begin layering some thinly sliced steak. I realize not everyone has sirloin laying around, but again, this was created using leftovers, so Montreal smoked meat would also work. Add some more mustard, ketchup, onion, lettuce, and tomato, and voila! You’ve built a sandwich even Gordon Ramsay would approve of.

If you’re taking this beast to go, be sure to layer the mustard and ketchup in a way that it avoids touching the bread to prevent it from getting soggy. If you’re feeling extra fancy, throw some avocado on there, too.

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