Respecting Agricultural Equipment on Roadways

For many people, getting stuck behind a tractor on a busy road is their worst nightmare. The tractor is often times pulling a piece of equipment, therefore it makes it difficult to pass because they take up a majority of both lanes.

As much as I acknowledge the frustration that is affiliated with getting caught behind a slow-moving vehicle, individuals need not drive recklessly behind or around equipment. I often see cars tailgating tractors, attempting to pass in busy locations, and failing to give them room when driving down a busy road. Part of the reason I find this so infuriating because it often seems as though people lack basic respect for the individuals who are responsible for providing them with food to eat. Sure, being late for something because you were caught in a traffic buildup resulting from a tractor is an unfortunate circumstance and can honestly be annoying, however, the next time you cross paths with a farmer in a tractor on a busy road, I encourage you to remind yourself of what these individuals do for society. Give these people adequate room, refrain from driving recklessly in their presence simply to save a few minutes, and acknowledge that when their four-ways are on, you should keep back and respect their space. It is a busy time of year in various sectors of agriculture, and farmers are just as entitled to busy roadways as any other individual operating a vehicle. Maintain patience and respect these people, and give yourself some extra time if you are taking a rural road. By driving recklessly around equipment, you are endangering the life of the farmer, your own life, and the lives of anyone else who may be within a certain distance.

It’s simple, really. Have basic respect for farmers on roadways. After all, chances are they provided the meal you’re rushing home to eat.

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