The Falsity of Social Media

Social media, despite its many advantages and benefits in terms of widespread communication and unification, possesses its share of negative’s. My generation, although we did not necessarily grow up from the moment we arrived into this world with social media, has been exposed to the numerous platforms affiliated with what social media entails for a majority of our lives. I personally do enjoy making use of social media, specifically Instagram as I have an interest in photography, but the older I become and the more I am active on social media, the stronger my realization that many individuals who participate in liking, tweeting, posting, or commenting are doing so behind a deceiving veil.
I have read a variety of different articles that examine how many individuals use social media to project themselves in an unrealistic manner in an attempt to gain more recognition and attention from other social media users, and I find this rather disheartening. I have seen these types of false projections myself, and by no means am I saying that I haven’t posted certain photos or certain tweets in hopes of receiving more likes, but at the same time, if you rely on your social media accounts to depict an entirely unrealistic image of yourself to those follow you or connect with you on social media, perhaps it would be wise to reevaluate your use of these platforms.
I acknowledge the temptation to project oneself as someone or something who can be interpreted as more popular by other social media users, but if you feel as though you are unable to be yourself at all within your own social media content, I personally advise taking a break from social media. Many individuals do this, often times celebrities and social media influencers, because social media can have the tendency to bring one down and manipulate one’s self-worth.
Social media is great, however, if you are under the impression that it is saddening you more so than it is empowering you, or if it is preventing you from accurately sharing yourself with other users, it may be beneficial to take a step back and reevaluate your use of these platforms.

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