Transitioning From Academia to the Workplace

Having been a student in post-secondary education for five years, I was unsure as to how the transition into a full-time job immediately after concluding my studies would be. I was fortunate enough to enter a full-time Account Coordinator position at a Public Relations agency two weeks after finishing my post-graduate program, and I wanted to address how I found this transition process to be for anyone else curious about the change.

I wouldn’t necessarily say going from school to the workplace in a relatively limited time frame was difficult, but it was and remains to be challenging at times. Being a student for so long can certainly condition one into adopting certain behaviors and schedules, and these behaviors and schedules may have to change depending on where you find work.

I have come to understand that many individuals prefer to take some time off before entering the workplace full-time after graduating, and I understand why a break is often beneficial. At the same time, however, I think it is worthwhile to enter the workforce shortly after completing schooling to ensure the skills and learnings gained throughout your education remain fresh in your mind, and further remain relative. Industries change quite frequently, and waiting for a prolonged period of time to apply for a job in your field could jeopardize any advantage you have in the job selection process as your skills and learnings may be outdated. It comes down to preference and what works best for you personally, but it’s an aspect of job hunting worth considering.

Thus far, I haven’t found the transition from school to working overly difficult, but as I said, there are things that I am getting used to. I am grateful to be working so soon after finishing school, and I look forward to the continued progression I will likely experience.

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