“Am I A Bad Person?”

I occasionally ask myself whether or not I am a bad person, depending on exterior circumstances, and for the most part, I think I am a relatively good person. I try my absolute hardest to refrain from judging others, from making assumptions about strangers, and I consistently remind myself to treat others in a manner I would appreciate being treated in.

Alas, life is challenging and sh*t happens, making it difficult to constantly maintain these efforts.

What is important to keep in mind is that the occasional slip-up does not, in fact, make you a bad person. Rather, if you’re able to acknowledge when you make an error in judgment, or when you mistreat an individual, it demonstrates your conscious ability to recognize your own flaws and potentially make an effort to correct them. It would be extremely difficult to continuously be a flawless person, and with the exception of Mother Teresa, this simply is not the norm. If you do happen to fall into this category of perfection, I applaud you, but for most of us, mistakes are inevitable, and that really is absolutely okay. There is a tremendous difference between being intentionally wicked or malicious, and accidentally being aggressive towards another person and soon after identifying your aggression and making an effort to correct the situation. So long as you’re trying your best to be kind and mindful of and towards others, you’re on the right path.

It sounds so cliche, but the saying “treat others how you wish to be treated” really is an effective way of living your life and interacting with others. If you try your best to interact with others in a way you would appreciate being interacted with, chances are you’re doing something right. It isn’t always easy, but an effort is key in working on oneself, as is persistence.

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