The Beauty of Blogging

When I first started blogging, I was rather unsure of where exactly ontheedgeofeverything was headed. I knew I wanted to own and operate a blog with a variety of topic content, rather than adhering to one specific niche, hence how I came up with the name. I have absolutely nothing against blogs that do abide by a specific theme or topic, but for me personally, I enjoy the creative freedom of having a blog that dabbles in a little bit of everything.

I have said it before, but it is definitely challenging to come up with new post topics daily. Sometimes I end up writing posts that are similar in their subject matter to ones I have written previously, but I try my best to keep things fresh and new.

As challenging as it is to own and operate a blog to which I post daily, it is also very rewarding. I believe my writing skills have improved significantly since I began blogging over two years ago, and further, my blog has allowed me to connect with individuals I never would have otherwise. I’ve even received pitches, something I never thought I would experience as a freelance blogger.

It’s also rewarding to be in control of when I post and what I am posting about. The topics I cover on my blog are ones of my choosing, and I am incredibly open to suggestions if you ever have any.

Whenever I encounter someone who is considering beginning a blog, I always encourage them to follow through with their considerations. If you enjoy creative writing, blogging is a fantastic means to tighten your skills and reach a wide array of individuals. I have readers all over the globe, and there is nothing more satisfying than recognizing that your content is reaching people so far away.

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