Product Review: Dove Sensitive Shield Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Sweaty, smelly armpits aren’t exactly the most attractive thing in the world. Unfortunately, however, they’re far more common for a lot of us than we’re willing to admit, hence prompting today’s post.

My armpits have always been a bit of a nuisance for me, personally. They sweat more than what one may categorize as ‘normal,’ to the point where I can feel sweat beads running down my side.

As disgusting as this sounds, rest assured. Although my pits sweat like a sinner in church, they don’t stink. Which is super odd, I realize, but I speak the truth.

As grateful as I am for non-stinky pits, sweat stains are definitely embarrassing. I never buy or wear bright colours because of this issue, and black is my best friend. No matter which deodorant I try, the sweat stains remain, an unpleasant reminder of my very dead-looking wardrobe.

Having experimented with my share of men’s deodorant in my life, when I saw that Dove had come out with a Sensitive Shield Dry Spray Antiperspirant, I figured I would give it a shot. I had used the Sensitive Shield stick deodorant prior, and although it didn’t irritate my skin, it didn’t stop the seeping stains of sweat from spreading across my shirt. You can imagine my joy, therefore, when I learned that the Dry Spray did the trick.

Before I excite you too much, I should mention that the Dry Spray doesn’t always stop my pit stains 100%, but it has significantly decreased the amount of sweat that bubbles in my pits. I actually went out and bought a bright coral shirt because I was feeling so good about it.

The only drawback with the spray is that it doesn’t work 100% of the time for odour, so if you’re someone who is smelly, it likely won’t work great for you. But if you’re a sweater? It’s an absolute must.

Image by from Livestrong.

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