The Conjuring

Before anyone accuses me of seriously lacking in my horror movie viewing, rest assured, I have seen the Conjuring more than once, and yes, I saw it when it was released a while back.

The reason I am discussing it here present day is that I got together with some of my friends the other evening and we were discussing horror movies that are the real deal, meaning seriously scary, pooping-pants level of horror. And yes, The Conjuring was mentioned more than once, hence prompting me to re-visit the pure terror I experienced when I first saw this movie.

There’s nothing worse than getting amped for a horror movie that looks seriously scary, only to watch it and be really disappointed. I promise you this is not the case with The Conjuring, and I am certain if I watched it again now it would be just as intense as the first time I viewed it. This movie really is nuts, and if you categorize yourself as a horror-movie aficionado, this one is for you.

Everything about this movie is horrifying. The fact that it is based on a true story, with real paranormal investigators and an actual Annabelle doll that really was locked up in a case in the Warren’s house with a warning plastered across the front (Google it, seriously). The acting is very realistic, the suspense is agonizing, and the sequence of events that play out over the course of this masterpiece is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of the sofa the entire time.

This movie doesn’t get enough credit for how creepy it is, in my opinion, and if you’re a fan of horror movies and have yet to view this one, I definitely recommend doing so. It’s insane (in a good way), and it’s worth watching twice.

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